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 Question and Answer Portion

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PostSubject: Question and Answer Portion   Question and Answer Portion EmptySat Oct 23, 2010 12:21 am

Samahang Ilocano Genuine Association

mr&ms SIGA 2010


In view of the social media network in the world wide web, such as facebook, twitter etc., how do you think you can educate the new Generation to be a responsible user?

- zhak_siga-fighters


Pair# 1

Question and Answer Portion Rhia310

"Being 1 of d0s new generati0n i'll be resp0nsible by giving respect to der privacy and respect who what ever they use d0s special netw0rk n0t to abuse. . .thank u "

Question and Answer Portion Jontro10
" I tink yes,im one of da resp0nsible user kc para sa akin updated ako sa lhat ng mga new techn0l0gy....i can help the new user or teach base on my experience . . .be a gud user. . .self decipline "


Question and Answer Portion Anj211
"To teach h0w to talk pe0ple in a right way...c0z they are a new user"

Question and Answer Portion Lovers10
"As my opini0n or answer f0r dat,in behalf of www as of user to resp0nsible user all th0gh s0me user are abusing www
As my opini0n u can read da attitude of its 1 user by its own...and f0r me www is da way to c0municate even where ever u are . . 4 me,jz respect evry0ne as u respect y0ur own thru www. . .n0t to abusing www
We cant push evry1 to do such a gud behavi0r,only i can tel the generati0n is respect and to respest. . ."

pair# 3

Question and Answer Portion Tit_ti10
"by creating such any group or causes, to get youth/kabataan's attention, ragarding educational,or religious matters.. rather than posting such unpleasant and not gud example for the youth, whom are subjected to be the nxt generation."

Question and Answer Portion Dugong11
" Iwasang magp0st ng di mkahulugang bagay o kalaswaan at di kaaya aya sa mga users...iwasan ang kalaswaan kahalayan o brutal na gawain..magp0st lang ng kaaya aya at mkahulugang idea.."


Question and Answer Portion Yum10
"By inf0rming d user on what is gud it wil help and destr0y da public to d0s culprit...if we r br0s and sis or parents we cnt olwis m0nit0r da children or siblings since we are in a new generati0n.. Ol we can do is to remind them their limitati0ns...and th0s dat their y0ung minds and in my own acct. I wil n0t p0st any malici0us ting Dat wud harm or affect their y0ung minds..instead i wil p0st g0od qu0tes or phrases dat cud enhance ther mind and gve dem kn0wledge dat they can use in evryday lifE. . .

pair# 5

Question and Answer Portion Jen10
"Cguro be a n0rmal user nlang ung alang bad image ba. . .or a simple pers0n or teach them to be resp0nsible. . .and 1st they must kn0w da rules. . .at dapat alam nila ang limitasy0n. . ."

Question and Answer Portion Kuto10
"simple lang para sa akin bges para maeducate young generation:)... sa ngaun bges mhirap mag-educate ng tao user man o hindi... mrami ng mtatalino ngaun bges n di binibigyan ng puwang ipamalas ang kkayahan nila,.. una kc umiiral ang inggit s tao. "the best thing to do is giving them an example how to deal with people that sorrounds them".. bigyan cla ng alam nting tama.....pero may mga tama na minamali at may mali na tama nman s iba. " dapat ipaliwanag mo yung ehemplo n ssbihin mo. mdami pilosopo n user at it's hard to educate people like that.... education always starts from childhood.... kung ano ang itinanim s isip mo noong bata k p un ang magiging gabay mo pagtanda... EXPERIENCE will educate all of us.. mas madami kang experience mas madami kang maituturo di ba?;) share your knowledge & know how to educate people....
talented users always seek new ideas...
challenging ideas is the best for them...for me, it's hard to educate users at all..but sharing your ideas will benifit them a lot...
users are always seeking new ideas...searching for something that is different
users never fails but get bored...
.lastly, for me we can not educate users but we share a lot good ideas for them to study...USERS WILL ALWAYS BE A USER NO MATTER WHAT IT IS.....hehehe
user k din bges at i can't educate u pero i can share u my ideas :p
iba-iba kc ang mga user bges at d ntin alam kung ano hinahanap nila unless u deal with them...hahaha

siga sign:


Question and Answer Portion Pink10
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PostSubject: Re: Question and Answer Portion   Question and Answer Portion EmptyMon Oct 25, 2010 9:17 am

thank you: Thank you Bages moverz.... ,mwaah !!! congrats: bravo: Wow...lahat kayo bages has its own points on your answers!!! bravo: Im impressed...Goodluck to all!!! GAYA NG SABI KO YOU ARE ALL WINNERS FOR ME. THANK YOU FOR JOINING AND SUPPORTING THIS CONTEST. GODBLESS YOU ALL, MWAH!!! iloveyou:
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PostSubject: Re: Question and Answer Portion   Question and Answer Portion EmptyWed Oct 27, 2010 12:12 pm

wow ang gagaling congrats hehehe pa burger naman kayo heheheh

smile: smile: smile:
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PostSubject: Re: Question and Answer Portion   Question and Answer Portion Empty

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Question and Answer Portion
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